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2015 Gran Canaria Business Week


Are you planning to start your own business? Want to be more free? Want to learn from other individual entrepreneurs? – Then Gran Canaria Business Week is for YOU.



2014 Gran Canaria Business Week – Jan 7. session in Las Palmas


Gran Canaria Business Week 2014 – Success!

See all the presentations, audio, photos at the conference website: www.gcbusinessweek.com


Early updates on Gran Canaria Business Week 2014

Dear friends of Gran Canaria Business Week,

The first Gran Canaria Business Week, GCBW13 was a success, with 50+ participants. Big thanks to everyone!

Many new connections have been made, new business opportunities have come up, new partnerships, even new employment opportunities as a result of the conference.
We have laid the foundation to build a great yearly business conference, and more events in Gran Canaria.

The next GCBW14 Internet Marketing conference is set to January 2-7. 2014.
Maspalomas January 2-3. 2014, Las Palmas January 6-7. 2014.

Anyone who is doing anything related to internet marketing anywhere should be at GCBW14.

These are some early updates, we are working on many more things:
- Todd Michael Heater will do a intensive Google ecosystem workshop.
- Edward Timmon will present The Canary News and present some exciting new opportunities.
- Like last year Lex Thoonen round off the conference with a open session on “Business in Gran Canaria”.
- Alex Bramwell will speak on “You too can work online and live in paradise”
- We will do some serious photo sessions, including individual photo sessions for participants to use in their own social media.
- Richard Clarke will present his Walking App and speak on app development www.walking-app.com
- Hans Lysglimt Johansen will present on “Event marketing through social media”. Hans will also speak about the various upcomming events in Gran Canaria.
- Open webmasters session, have the conference give feedback on YOUR website live. This is a great interactive session.
- In Las Palmas we are planning a session on work opportunities in Norway.
- Thomas Gramstad will help organize #gcbw14.
Thomas is the president of the Norwegian Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Thomas will also give presentation on “Open Money / Bitcoin – p2p currencies”
- We have a early bird special price, and we will have special price for local friends. The goal of the conference is to have people fly in to attend.
- GCBW has made a media partnership with The Canary News.

What we want from YOU:
- Please set the dates in your calendar: January 2-7. 2014.
- Please sign up as “Going” on the GCBW14 Facebook event, this spreads over time in Facebook.
- Share on social media, we will start spreading more material from late summer, use the hastag #gcbw14
- Talk to people about GCBW14
- Contact us with any ideas and suggestions
- Pitch the conference to any journalists/media/calendars (print/tv/radio) you have relationships with. This is essential to do early as many media have a long planning horizon.

“Like”, “Share”, “Comment”, “Follow” on the pages. :)

- GCBW is produced for YOU.

How can YOU benefit from GCBW14?
Network, who to meet and talk to?
Business opportunities, give and take.
Present your product/business in a stand?
Participate in the print flyer as a sponsor and social media marketing drive?
Other creative ideas.

We are working on several marketing initiatives for the conference.
We will contact a large number of media outlets and travel related businesses in Northern Europe with our press material.

Twitter hastag: #gcbw14

Please do forward this email to anyone you think should see it.

See you at #GCBW14

Regards, :)

Gran Canaria Business Week

Si Viva Espana

Hans Lysglimt Johansen
Mobile: +(47)92410510


2014 European Personal Development Congress, Gran Canaria Feb 21-23. 2014

We have announced the 2014 European Personal Development Congress.


Events for the 2013/2014 winter season


Si Viva Espana is organizing several events in Gran Canaria this winter. We are working on the preparations right now.
We will be doing marketing for the events with our partners.
We are also helping other even organizers with their marketing – our goal is to make the Canary Islands a more interesting place to be for everyone.

We will be printing up flyers etc for marketing.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, events – please contact us.

hanslysglimt at gmail com


2014 Gran Canaria Business Week

The 2014 Gran Canaria Business Week will be January 2-7. 2014.
We follow up on a similar format as last year.
The Gran Canaria Business Week is a unique kind of event.

January 2-3, Thursday-Friday in Maspalomas in the south.
This session is done in the south to make it easy for everyone staying in the south, mainly tourists/visitors etc to attend.
This session will be purely focused on Internet Marketing and Sales.
This session is aimed at anyone working with internet marketing in any way, from any location.

January 6-7, Monday-Tuesday in Las Palmas in the north of Gran Canaria.
This session is aimed to also make it easy for the residents of Gran Canaria to attend the conference. We aim to make the Gran Canaria Business Week a meetingplace for visitors and the local community – this worked really well in 2013. We will repeat our open-session that worked really well.
This session is also focused on internet marketing, some speakers from the south session might present again.
We will also focus on issues relevant to business in the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria Business Week are very happy to announce our partnership with our media partner The Canary News. The Canary News is the English language newspaper for Gran Canaria. The Canary News is printed every month with a circulation of 10 000+.

We will promote content from The Canary News in our channels including the Facebook pages.
The Canary News will get special access to all our events.
The Canary News will print our event schedule.

We are right now working on setting up the events for next winter season, we are very excited.

Some more teasers for what we are working on:

“The Google ecosystem”
Analytics, Webmaster tools, AdWords, AdSense, YouTube, Google+.

Thomas Gramstad, open source promotor, president of Elektronisk Forpost Norge.

Morten Hake, Norwegian self development and relationship coach.

“Increasing sales with site specific search engines.”

Simen Myrberget, health guru, blogger.

Special Bitcoin session. Everyone attending can get some free Bitcoin money.
The Gran Canaria Business Week accepts Bitcoin payments.

And much more, stay tuned.


2014 Gran Canaria Business Week – in planning

We have started planning for the 2014 Gran Canaria Business Week. January 2-7 2014 in Maspalomas and Las Palmas. Last year’s (the first year) conference over 50 people joined, the next one will be even bigger and even better.

Some teaser kewyords for what we are working on:

Internet marketing.
Google ecosystem.
Video marketing – YouTube has now opened their partnership platform to Europe, what are the opportunities?
Selling more with site-specific search engines.

And much more.


Law Of Attraction Event – Lanzarote January 11-13. 2013

Check out Mike “Dynamicmike” Berrys Law of attraction “Life will never be the same” event in Lanzarote January 11-13. 2013.

Mike is doing this at the Sunpark Living resort.

Hans at SiVivaEspana.com is considering to go!