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Tenerife Startup Weekend February 1-3. 2013

Check out the Tenerife Startup Weekend February 1-3. 2013

There is also a new Gran Canaria Startup Weekend planned, the dates have not been set yet. We are encouraging them both to do at least some of the presentations in English.


Gran Canaria Business Week – January 1-4. 2013

Check out the event, Facebook event, and flyer.



Social Entrepreneurs Weekend in Las Palmas

Check out the Social Entrepreneurs Weekend in Las Palmas December 14-15 2012. We will be there.


Welcome to the first Gran Canaria Business Week January 1-4. 2013

Make sure you set aside January 1-4. 2013 for the Gran Canaria Business Week. It is the first event of it’s kind, with presentations, meetings, seminars, roundtables, party and more.

Topic for 2013 is “Travel Technology and Social Media”, there will be interesting and exciting things happening all week.

The GENERAL PASS gives you access to all the events during the week. Take advantage of the reduced price of Euro 69 until December 15.



Gran Canaria Startup Weekend November 23-24-25 2012


Want to start a business? We highly recommend Gran Canaria Startup Weekend 2012 in Las Palmas. 23-24-25 November 2012.


I have personally participated in Oslo Startup Weekend two times and can highly recommend the system. You will make new contacts and learn so much about starting a business – be there. I will personally work hard to be at this event.

Viva Espana!



Gran Canaria Event Calendar

Si! Viva Espana! is producing the most comprehensive event calendar of Gran Canaria.
Put the Gran Canaria event calendar on your webpage! Calendar is produced in cooperation with, see the data listing here. Developers will notice that you can use the data via the Glimt API for apps etc.

The calendar in full-page mode here:

Also see even more great events in Gran Canaria on, a project:

Click “Agenda” for listing of all events.

To display on your website insert this code:

<iframe src=”;mode=AGENDA&amp;height=800&amp;wkst=2&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;;color=%2323164E&amp;ctz=Atlantic%2FCanary” style=” border-width:0 ” width=”800″ height=”800″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

See this Facebook thread for more ideas on how to implement it on your website.

Even more events here:


Gran Canaria Business Conference Week 2013

Gran Canaria Business Week 2013

We are now seriously looking into setting up a business conference week in Gran Canaria during the first week of January 2013.

We have started looking into topics, speakers, venues and talking to various potential partners for this project.

The Business Conference Week will be a series of connected free standing events, presentations, meetings with focus on business, sales, personal-development and the opportunities that comes with the internet.

Gran Canaria is a developing convention destination, and this is something the local government encourages. As you can see from this report there is a need and want for more international conferences.

Viva Espana!

Hans Lysglimt Johansen


Si! Viva Espana! Gran Canaria edition #1 2013 / 2014

Si! Viva Espana!

Would it be good to have a magazine like this?

Gran Canaria Edition


Events in Las Palmas

We are working on several event ideas for Gran Canaria.

Our longstanding wish has been to do a broad Internet Industry conference the first week after new years in Gran Canaria. This makes so much sense because it can be combined with a holiday in the sun. We have done smaller gatherings with 5-6 people before, everyone seems keen on the idea of a more extensive conference schedule.

The excact format of this conference is still to be determined. One idea we are exploring is to turn is to do it as more of a personal development fest, something more like Awesomnessfest

We are also looking into a European Mises Institute gathering.

And we are looking into a gathering for online promotors of tourism to Spain.

Message us with your interest.


Si Viva Espana – Setting up shop in Las Palmas

Si Viva Espana vil set up shop/office in Las Palmas for the winter season 2012/2013.

We will be in Las Palmas from December 14 until January 11.

We will do daily posts (photo, video, links) on the Gran Canaria (29000+ fans) and Lanzarote (8000+ fans) and on the Viva Espana (44000+ fans) Facebook pages. We are interested in covering interesting events, festivals, shops, parties, places etc – contact us to set up an appointment for coverage.