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AirBnB – Game changer for 2012 / 2013 season

We expect the phenomenal growth of the private accommodation website AirBnB to be a game changer for the 2012 / 2013 season in the Canary islands.

AirBnB is already offering accomodation on all the Canary islands and has especially good traction on Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote. We expect this to continue.

In our view AirBnB is very positive for individual travelers and individuals living in the region. It offers both a way to interact directly outside the government regulated channels of tourism.
It also adds wastly to the diversity of possible accommodation avaliable and encourages innovation, something we can already see in rural options etc.

The increase in supply also will contribute to lowering prices, something we see as necessary.

For the more established hotels, resturants and tourism establishment AirBnB and similar services pose a threat as transactions are not taxed.

Unfortunately we also expect the Spanish government to try to intervene in this private market and try to limit the growth of private alternatives.

We who are interested in the individual travelers should be aware of this and resist any government efforts to regulate and remove this great new expansion of travel options.

Hans – SiVivaEspana


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2012 / 2013 winter season comming up

The 2012/13 winter tourism season is comming up soon. Spain is in a general recession so we need to help out as much as we can to send tourists down to the warmth of the Canary Islands.


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